Australian beauty industry fights to be cruelty free

Australian beauty industry fights to be cruelty free

The Australian Federal Government has announced that from July 2017 animal testing for cosmetics will be banned. The ban applies to new beauty products and will not see existing products pulled off shelves.
This means that animals will no longer suffer for the sake of people's beauty and endure the agony of having chemicals tested on them so that beauty companies can produce their products.
Senators Fiona Nash and Mr Ken Wyatt believe this new policy is a step in the right direction for Australia’s beauty industry.

“Our commitment to ban the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals is a positive step for consumers and Australia’s cosmetics marketplace,” Mr Wood said.
RSPCA has estimated that 27 000 animals are currently being used in the cosmetic industry to test the products safety. Banned products will include things such as make up, perfume, toothpaste, baby products and sunscreen.
According to the RSPCA major beauty brands use animal testing in all of their beauty products. The RSPCA has been urging for change to happen within the industry and bring it inline with other country safety regulations. The welfare group says that there are more than 20 000 safe chemical ingredients that are already available to beauty manufacturers. However, pharmaceuticals and medications will not be included under the new regulations.
Australian beauty laws are now in line with other world regulations. “We no longer need to test cosmetics on animals and many countries, including the European Union, have banned the use of cosmetic ingredients tested on animals,” Mr Wyatt said.
Previously it has been left to consumer discretion whether or not they want to buy cosmetics that contain ingredients that have been tested on animals.
New Zealand introduced similar laws in 2015 which saw testing on guinea pigs and rabbits banned. The European Union however, banned the sales of any cosmetics that had used animal testing in 2013.
Beauty brand Williamspro prides itself on supplying consumers with 100% cruelty free and vegan products. Founder Azzi Williams spoke about what these new laws will mean for the beauty industry.
The inspiration behind the brand came from past experiences of working in the fashion and make up industry overseas. “When working as an international commercial and fashion makeup artist in London I was frustrated by the lack of all natural, vegan, highly pigmented and cruelty free products on the market that were suitable for professional makeup- artist use,” said Azzi.
The result of wearing chemical-laden products destroying her own skin and those of models she was working with Azzi decided to create a product that wouldn’t harm people’s skin. “I decided to look into creating a natural, more gentler solution that was of still pro makeup grade quality and withstood hot studio lights and long production hours.”
Azzi prides her makeup company on sourcing and using natural premium ingredients that “are kind and gentle on the skin with no animal derivatives.” She also acknowledges that “it is simply not sustainable to use products containing animal derivatives.” Such as lipsticks that contain ‘squalene’ with is sourced from sharks, along with products containing beeswax and natural hair- hairbrushes.
“At Williamspro we welcome stricter banning of animal testing and compliance with animal welfare laws around cosmetic and beauty development and manufacture. We pride ourselves in being transparent in our processes and also source all raw ingredients from suppliers who have the same philosophy,” said Azzi.

Authored by: Journalist Megan Simmonds

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