What inspires artist and Zeropowder fan Karmela

What inspires artist and Zeropowder fan Karmela

When it comes to pure, creative talent, Karmela Kurowski certainly stands out from the crowd. I had the pleasure of tutoring Karmela at QC Makeup Academy and it was a joy to watch her artistry evolve and transform. Her versatility, eye for detail and passion for the industry makes her one of the next generation’s best talents.
Plus Karmela has been so incredibly supportive of the Williamspro brand from the outset, and is using the entire range on her clients in Australia. In this interview, we find out more about what inspires her creativity, and why she’s a Williamspro ambassador. 

What inspires you as a makeup artist?

I have always loved doing makeup and I love the smiled on people’s faces when they look in the mirror after enhancing their natural beauty. It’s an amazing feeling! So I guess, the people that inspire me most are other makeup artists.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In five years’ time, I hope that I have improved my skills enough to hold professional makeup seminars. I would love to be successful, and just doing what I love, which is makeup.


What makeup techniques do you love the most? 

I enjoy the entire process from start to finish, from the face cleanser to the setting spray! But my favourite technique at the moment is highlighting and contouring. It’s amazing when makeup becomes transformative, almost like an optical illusion.


What is your advice for anyone who wants to start a career in makeup?

I have to say, just go for it like I did. I have seen so many talented makeup artists but it didn’t intimidate me, it didn’t stop me from purusing my dreams, just because they were better. Instead, I made them my inspiration.

In these images Karmela wears Zero Powder in original and Stellar Shine shimmer pigments

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