Five ways to make ethical beauty buying decisions

Five ways to make ethical beauty buying decisions

More than ever before, consumers are becoming more aware of the ingredients in their makeup and questioning whether they are making ethical decisions in their cosmetic purchasing behaviour. And as consumers are becoming smarter, they are enjoying the many benefits to buying vegan products; free of parabens and preservatives, while still feeling as pampered and enjoying the overall beauty experience. We take a look at five ways you can make smarter beauty decisions for both you own health, the community and the environment.

1. Buy cruelty free and vegan products

If you believe animal testing is wrong and cringe at the idea of putting man-made and animal-based ingredients like sheep fat, pig fat and whale guts on your face, then this step is for you. Finding products, which are beneficial for your skin, have never been easier to find.
Purchasing cruelty-free brands will enhance many aspects. Firstly, it is a wonderful thing to learn that an animal’s life has been spared for the sake of beauty. When consumers by cruelty-free brands, it sends a clear message to those brands who do pay for animal testing. The anti-animal testing organisation PETA has expressed widespread anger toward popular cosmetics companies such as Estee Lauder, Mac and Revlon due to their blurred stance on animal testing. Most companies will claim they do not test on animals. However, be aware that many major brands do still pay for animal testing in countries like China, where it is required by law of the brands which to trade in that country.
Vegan products are the most simplest and purest form of cosmetics money can buy. While some brands that claim to be vegan are actually made from synthetic, artificial ingredients, they smartest choice is finding vegan products made from plant and mineral bases, vegan products are beneficial for our bodies. The healing properties of the plant-based ingredients allow the skin to transform naturally. If you compare a non-vegan setting powder with a vegan and natural product like Williamspro’s Zero Powder, the difference is vast. Firstly, without all the nasty chemicals, your skin can grow and heal organically. Secondly, the Zero powder blurs all imperfections without clogging pores. If a non-vegan power does the same, it will not be as beneficial to your skin as much as a vegan-based product, because with a carefully crafted natural and vegan product, your skin will absorb all the goodness from the herbaceous ingredients.
There are common ingredients, which can differentiate between vegetarian and vegan brands. For example, Beeswax comes from the worker bees who excrete wax from various glands in the abdomen. Bees have to eat an abundance of honey in order to excrete a tiny amount of wax. Wax is used in many mainstream brands, particularly with products like lipsticks and foundations to maintain a compact and dewy formula. It is also surprising that so many companies promote a protein called collagen, particularly in skin care. Collagen is an ingredient designed to plump and de-wrinkle any type of skin. However, collagen is not as bright and bouncy as it sounds. Collagen is a protein extracted from animal carcass, generally found in bones or muscle tissues. Try choosing alternatives such as vegan products, which only use safe plants and earthy minerals to plump the skin naturally.

2. Support locally made 

Williamspro is proudly made in Australia. Supporting locally made products shows honour, pride and passion for your community and helps promote local jobs, talent and the economy. Australian made products insist on the support of Australians. The quality of Australian made cosmetic brands are recognised internationally and are highly sought after globally for their earthy ingredients and quality craftsmanship. The more ‘Aussie’ support for Australian vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brands, the better both the quality and quantity of products sold.

3. Look for quality ingredients

Price can be a factor when shopping for cosmetics, but at the end of the day, your skin is more important than low price tags. Your skin will age faster if you are applying products that are heavy in chemicals and not derived from pure, organic products. These do not promote healthy looking skin. Williamspro is both high in quality with premium ingredients such as organic arrowroot powder, Australian green clay and white clay and is also affordable. More than that, quality products last much longer than cheap cosmetics. A little goes a long way when quality is in play.

4. Avoid parabens/preservatives

Parabens are a form of preservatives used in many cosmetic products. They stop any bacterial or fungal growth in lotions and creams. These growths usually arise from being exposed to warm temperatures (like bathrooms). It is a cost-effective way for companies to use parabens in their formulas to avoid these bacterial growths. However, the cheapest way is not always the safest way. It is a concern among many scientists that parabens are endocrine disruptors and linked to various cancers such as breast and testicular. It is a challenge many companies face, creating a product that is paraben-free. However, brands like Williamspro are paraben-free and avoid artificial preservatives.

5. Shop outside your comfort zone

Think outside the box. Now is the time to be creative with your shopping. Go beyond department stores and the regular pharmacy that stands proudly on the corner of your local shopping street. Look for smart stores online. In most cases, online stores host a range of cutting edge products, which are piled with zest and love.

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Authored by: Journalist Jessica Poulter

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