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We began our journey with the launch of Zero Powder in August 2015.

In only 12 months we received over 1,000 positive reviews and image shares by happy customers and bloggers across four social media platforms. 


Williamspro has not paid ANY blogger or influencer, all posts are genuine reviews after either purchasing or being gifted our products

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"#Selfieglo's beautiful little diamond tub holds a loose pigment like highlighter that can be used all over the body. I’ve used it on the cheeks and cupids bow, as well as a brow highlight even as an eye shadow. It is gorgeous.

It has a duo chrome finish to it from a pearly white to a warm pinky red/orange/gold? it sounds strange but it reflects the colours in your skin tone so well to make it look very natural. This product can be layered for more intensity, too. I really like to spray my brush with MAC fix+ and apply this as an eye shadow. It is so pretty!"

- Proscrasticaitlan 
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"I've been using Williamspo's Zero Powder powder ever since I got it from bloggers united Sydney event earlier in the month. I love that this is not a flat, translucent powder - it has a little bit of a glittery substance that gives the skin a little bit of something something. It also smells nice, and helps with oil control.

I'm not usually strict on using vegan/cruelty free product, but this is one of them is you only use cruelty free products."

- Shrinking Wallet 
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"I’m so impressed that Zero Powder is actually translucent! It doesn’t alter the colour of my base.
Its fine to use on the under eye area.
In the pan in looks glittery but you can’t see any glitter/ shimmer once applied.
Blurs imperfections.
Mattifies the face but maintains luminosity
Lasts about 3-5 hours before I need to touch up"

- Rachel Beauty Style 
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 "Zero Powder is an all-in-one translucent setting, finishing and HD powder with 100% natural ingredients. It blurs imperfections and helps keep skin clear, youthful and healthy! It locks in your makeup to make it last longer and photograph better.

This product has zero talc, zero paraben, zero silica, and results in zero camera flashback. It's a product I definitely need but didn't quite know how much, until I tried it!

 Williams Pro Makeup also has some exciting new products in the pipeline including a highlighter and lip setting & mattifying powder."

- Fabulous and Fun Life
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"My absolute favourite setting powder is WilliamsPro Zero Powder. Zero powder is a mineral translucent setting powder, both vegan and free of nasty ingredients. Which is so important, especially as a makeup artist. You don’t want to be using products full of toxins that are going to cause breakouts and irritation. You may have heard about Williamspro makeup recently amongst the beauty community. It is certainly starting to cause serious hype!

Zero Powder is my favourite setting powder because it is so affordable, great for the health of the skin and has a high industry standard. When I say ‘high industry standard’, I am talking about the efficacy of the product. It is specifically designed for HD cameras and video.

There will be no awkward camera flash-backs with this powder! But you don’t need to be a makeup artist just to own a powder suitable for Hollywood films. We should all be aiming for products of that high standard to achieve longevity. That is why it’s used in film in the first place.

When applied to the skin it feels extremely soft and velvety. It is best to use a small amount at a time, in the areas required. In the time I have been using this product I never have had to touch up my face throughout the evening. There are two Zero Powders currently available."

- Celia Spain
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"Zero Powder gives me such a natural and gorgeous finish, and really helps my makeup stay put all day. As for that sparkly stuff - well that's light reflecting bits that help give you that natural glow. It's not shimmery at all. Big ticks all around and this is happily sitting in my handbag for mid-day emergency touch ups."

- Sweetaholic Beauty
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"Zero powder is absolutely perfect for those people with very sensitive skin. With absolutely no artificial fragrance, talc, parabens, and silica it should get along with even the most difficult skin.

This would also make it a great option for a makeup artistry kit because it can be used on everyone. It was actually created by makeup artist, Azzi Williams for that exact purpose and because it is talc and silica free it has absolutely no flashback or powdery effect.

It really lives up to it's name, setting foundation and cream products without changing the colour or appearance at all and ensuring it stays flawless and shine free for hours.

It is also extremely light and comfortable to wear thanks to the finely milled loose formulation. Overall it performs extremely well for everyday, special occasions and even photo shoots so I really can't find a fault with it. It is even very reasonably priced."

- Rosy Disposition
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