How gold can boost your skin's vitality

How gold can boost your skin's vitality

Throughout time, the captivating precious metal has been used in many different forms, with the power of gold making any person feel a million dollars.

Now, more than ever before, it's beautifying properties are being harnessed in cosmetics and skincare, and now, in Williamspro's luxury setting powder, Midas Powder.

We discover what the benefits of gold really are to your beauty regime.

What exactly is gold?

Gold is defined in the Oxford dictionary as a “something precious, beautiful, or brilliant.” It continues to say, “Gold has been valued from ancient times for its colour and brightness, rarity, and durability: in normal conditions it does not corrode or tarnish.”

Gold has been used throughout history in washing, decorations, architecture and cosmetics. Scientific studies can reveal that gold has the properties to reduce inflammation. And throughout history, gold has been more than a fascination, it has been famous for its healing benefits.

Is gold in cosmetics good for your skin?

Gold particles, particularly prepared on the nanoscale are being used in this form in a wide range of cosmetics. A book called Gold: Science and Applications discusses the methods of gold being transgressed into cosmetics and decoration.

“Traditionally gold has been regarded as a poor catalyst compared with other precious metals, but in the 1980s it began to be realised that, when applied to supports as nanoparticles, gold becomes really active.”

Gold also has the ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating cells in the skin. It is also known to sooth the skin with irritation and create a silky feel.

An issue of Harper’s Bazaar further gives insight on gold in skincare from famous New York aesthetician Mary DeRolph. She claims, “The gold will dissolve on your skin's surface to instantly reflect light, and tiny particles will seep in to protect against fine lines and discolouration.”

A touch of gold on your skin everyday

After discovering its natural properties to boost skin's radiance, Williamspro decided to incorporate gold into a setting powder formula you can enjoy everyday. 

Williamspro's Midas Powder infuses pure cosmetic grade 24 carat gold in a premium, finely milled setting powder.

Luxury cosmetic grade gold and micro-minerals deflect light, reduce the look of pores and enhance skin’s natural, youthful glow.

Australian clays and organic arrowroot help reduce redness, shine and combat breakouts. The translucent, double milled formula glides on like silk, refining skin texture for a lasting, photo-ready finish.

Extra fun facts about gold:

  • Gold is considered the most practical metal for currency due to its ductile and non-tarnishing properties.
  • Looking at the periodic table, gold comes under the ‘noble metals,’ which means is not likely to cause corrosion or radiation.
  • Gold is rare to find, but not too rare that it no longer be of value.
  • Professor of Chemistry at the University College London Andrea Sella said in a BBC report that gold is the only metal on the periodic table practical enough to use as currency. “Silver tarnishes - it reacts with minute amounts of sulphur in the air. That's why we place particular value on gold.”
  • The first well-known discovery was in 1823 by a convict in Bathurst who was allegedly flogged for publicly announcing his new-found treasure, as he had also been charged for stealing a gold watch at the time of the siting.  
  • The famous Australian Gold Rush opened up a new role to women. Many wives who accompanied their husbands to the gold fields cut their hair, adopted a masculine sense of fashion and even gave up their sexual desires just to be accepted as equal. “I am called Mr Harry, an abbreviation of Harriet, but no one intrudes the more on that account,” as quoted in the book by a female Irish miner.

Image credits: Photographer @beachmodelphotography, model Jahla, hair and makeup: the Williamspro team Azzi Williams and Sarah Clift

Authored by: Journalist Jessica Poulter

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