Meadow Bolo's designs meets Williamspro Zero Powder

Meadow Bolo's designs meets Williamspro Zero Powder

Ever wanted to pull off a cowboy/girl style in the hottest and easiest way possible? Meadow Bolo is a Melbourne based brand which is ‘crackin’ the whip’ on Western fashion, making their label cater to anyone. The designer brand recently collaborated with Williamspro on an incredible photoshoot showcasing a range of incredible fashion, accessories and makeup.

Zeropowder in fragrance free was used to create a flawless, camera ready finish on all of the amazing fashion models in the campaign. We talk to the founders of Meadow Bolo about what inspired the range to be not only a fashion label, but a beautiful love story.

Uniquely bold and edgy 

Meadow Bolo’s uniqueness of style makes for a forever-fashionable label. The Western-inspired brand focuses on denim, pleats, collared button up shirts, faux suede and minimalist accessories. A belt, bolo, boots and hat are the accessory must-haves for the complete Meadow look. Co-brand creator and fashion photographer Nomii Tout, also referred to as ‘Meadow’ said, “we aren’t looking to create a new collection every season, we believe less is more. We are just doing our own thing. We are not too fussed on what’s in trend, as Meadow is a never-ending trend itself.”

The label name ‘Meadow’ represents the farming towns which Meadow and her co-business partner originated. “We believe Meadow to be a more whimsical edgy word to describe the modern cowboy and cowgirl lifestyle. It came to us while developing our label and it’s now in our hearts,” she said.

A beautiful love story

The beginning of Meadow Bolo has inspired not only a fashion label, but also a heart melting love story. 

“When Tobby arrived at my apartment to take me on one of our first dates, he was wearing an Akubra, RM’s and a bolo tie,” she said.

She remembers being so impressed by his unique taste in country fashion from hat to boots—which little to their knowledge at the time, has sparked the foundation of their future in both ways of business and romance. 

“Tobby had an idea to create his own bolo ties, so we did,” Meadow added. 

It is not easy to create a business with your loved one but that has not stopped Meadow and Tobby. Their relationship has constantly flourished from one project to the next, keeping business and personal life separate as best they can. Both Tobby and Meadow embrace the label’s style into their daily fashion wear, adding the Western touches with boots, cowboy hats and bolo ties.


From concept to creation

It is important to note that Meadow is not strictly country, and is not a typical cowboy or cowgirl image. Rather, it is a style in its own right. It is designed for the person who loves wearing boots everyday of the week and who wants that extra kick in their country-inspired wardrobe. 

“You are never fully dressed without a hat,” Meadow said. 

The label’s hats and bolo ties complete any look. It is a turning heads guarantee with Meadow as the fashion is edgy, different and appealing to the eye. 

One of the best concepts from Meadow Bolo is that every product is catered to both sexes. Through trial and error of styles, Tobby and Meadow are focused on their horseshoe ties, which is currently hot property. “They are a great seller between misfits, mothers, musicians and grooms.” 

Do you have a little indie flair within you, or love a bit of country western music? Maybe none of the above and just willing to experiment with different styles? A Meadow horseshoe tie is the perfect simplistic option to make a fashion statement. “Meadow is for everybody and we love seeing people style our ties in such different ways.”

A cruelty free collaboration

Meadow Bolo recently collaborated with Williamspro Makeup and Hair on a photoshoot that captured the ideal Meadow Bolo men’s look book. The designers wanted to represent labels that were both cruelty free and quality. 

“Working side by side with Williamspro has been fantastic,” Meadow said. “We loved using the Zero Powder to give the models that youthful airbrush finish.” 

Meadow adores luxury cosmetics that uses natural ingredients. The dynamic duo designers are constantly focusing on new imagery for Meadow and this shoot came as an epiphany to use quality makeup to lift any fashion look. Williamspro and Meadow Bolo share common ground and that is why this shoot was such a success; both are cruelty free, quality and Australian made. 

“We’ve loved working with Williamspro and cannot wait to continue our journey working alongside this awesome brand,” she added.

Meadow has said she loves collaborating with other designers who can share and embrace the Meadow vibe. Like the Williamspro shoot, Meadow has enjoyed being in the mix with other creatives, who share the same outlook and passion as herself. She has described the experience of working with other Melbourne designers as “special” for being able to show people the infinite ways of wearing Meadow’s designs. 

Now, less than a year after the label’s launch, the up and coming bolo tie label is loved by many. Meadow Bolo has been ‘strutting its boots’ in places like Strand Hatters in the Strand Arcade Sydney and Vintage Garage in Melbourne where they currently stock Meadow’s products. After just three months during the early stages of the label’s launch on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Meadow Bolo was stocked right around Australia. After making the permanent move to Melbourne, the future of Meadow Bolo looks bright with exciting collaborations and projects.

Image credits:
Meadow Bolo clothing, Hew Clothing, Vintage Garage Sunglasses, Wink Models Shane Holloway and Dylan Russell, Photographer Haus of Ann, Makeup Artist Toro Baggins using Williamspro Zeropowder in Fragrance Free


Authored by: Journalist Jessica Poulter

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