Meet makeup artist Tara Maree

Meet makeup artist Tara Maree

When it comes to hard work and dedication, Tara Maree Williams is willing to roll up her sleeves and jump right in. A hard working and talented young makeup artist, I had the pleasure of tutoring Tara at QC Makeup Academy and it is wonderful to see her business grow and thrive as she continues to build on her exciting and creative career. In this interview, we discover what inspired this Queensland-based beauty to move to Sydney to expand her makeup career.

1. What inspired you to be a makeup artist?
Makeup for me was initially a way for me to cover my bad skin and other ‘imperfections’. It was after that I started experimenting more when I realised how incredible the power of makeup actually is. The way you can manipulate one’s face and features and create things that weren’t there before, or being able to help others feel more confident, as well as creating works of art on an actor or model’s face.
So in all, it is the art , freedom and power of makeup and the way it can change a persons perspective, even give one more self confidence, is what drew me to become a makeup artist.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?:
That is a tough one. If you’d asked me 5 years ago where I thought I’d be – my answer couldn’t be further from reality. I didn’t even know I wanted to
be a makeup artist 5 years ago! However, I hope to be successful (obviously), in a city that never sleeps, doing what I love.
I also hope to further the petition against animal testing and put my weight behind that campaign, as I feel no animal should have to suffer for a beauty product.
3. What techniques do you love the most?
I must say that I do love the art of contouring. Although the trend is on it’s way out, I just low how one’s face can be transformed so far that you can make yourself look like another person. The power of shading and highlighting I think will always be a favourite of mine.
I also love a good eyebrow. The way it can make or break someones face is really fascinating. How a small strip of hair can make such a big difference. I truly think the eyebrow technique – and what suits best – is one to be mastered.


4. What is your advice for anyone who wants to start a career in makeup?

Being a ‘newbie’ to the industry myself, I am fast learning that not everyone is happy for your success or achievements. I think it’s important to let your work speak for itself and to show the industry (not other competitors) what you’re made of. And that networking with everyone or trying to be everyone’s friend is not always the best way to go.

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