Glitter Range - Bioglitter® with NO Micro Plastics

Environmentally friendly glitter without the plastic!

Cosmetic-grade Bioglitter® is made mainly from eucalyptus and is marine and water biodegradable, containing ZERO micro-plastics.

  • MADE FROM TREES, NOT PLASTIC: Bioglitter is made from trees, mainly eucalyptus, which are sourced from responsibly managed plantations

  • BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE: Unlike regular glitter that contains environmentally harmful microplastics and polyester, Bioglitter is certified biodegradable and compostable

  • MARINE-FRIENDLY: Bioglitter is marine and waste water biodegradable, so it won't harm the waterways and marine ecosystems like polyester glitters.

  • VEGAN AND NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS: Bioglitter contains no animal bi-products and is not tested on animals.

  • PROFESSIONAL, COSMETIC GRADE: All Williamspro's Bioglitter® blends are individually hand-blended in Australia and selected for their pigment, durability and intensity. 

Why is it important to choose plastic-free glitter?

Many cosmetic glitters contain PET or microplastics, which do not break down in the ocean and are a hazard to marine life. But you can still love all that glitters without the plastic with Williamspro's Bioglitter® blends.

So instead of filling your makeup kit with ingredients which won’t biodegrade and could be toxic to marine wildlife, you can enjoy your artistic creations, safe in the knowledge that it won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

So many uses:

      • Film, Fashion & Theatre: Suitable for use in professional makeup for catwalk, film or theatre

      • Festival and Carnival: Suitable to use loose or with a fixative, Bioglitter® can give the festival goer the ultimate ‘bling’ appeal. Our blends contain mixes of sizes and colours that are perfect to obtain the ‘mermaid’ or ‘unicorn’ look!

      • Body art and tattoos: Suitable to use loose or with a fixative for body art and tattoos or for use in stick-on glitter tattoos.

Pro tip: Layer over our #selfigelo highlighters or stellar shine pigments for the ultimate iridescent glow!

Suitable for: All skin types

ZERO% Parabens, Silica, Talc, Carmine, Alcohol, Petroleum, Artificial Fragrance, Mineral Oil, Bismuth Oxychloride, PET, Polyester

Vegan, natural*, gluten free, cruelty free.

Ingredients: See the Bioglitter® site for more details.


While the bioglitter product base is 100% natural, some coloured pigments contain small amounts of synthetic dyes.

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